The School of Industrial Technology and Engineering hopes to become a center of excellence and development in the Northern Area of Panay Island, offering industry- relevant and responsive programs, designed to produce engineers, competent Seafarers, Technologist and skilled workers, who will answer the needed labor force in both local and global market.

It is envisioned to have qualified faculty members with adequate training and expertise; as well as state of art machine and equipment for instruction.



The School intends to lead and influence the labor sectors with desirable attitudes as well as appropriate values and work ethics needed to deal successfully with the current technology development and is committed to:

  • Produce competent Engineers, seafarers and technologist, equipped with appropriate skills, knowledge and positive Filipino culture and values.
  • Provide adequate hands-on and practical exercise of machineries/equipment for competency development.
  • Provide education that will promote personal development, social responsibility, economic – progress, technological efficiency, and professional integrity.
  • Provide industry–based research technology to the service area.


Goals and Objectives

     The programs offered by the School of Industrial Technology and Engineering aims to prepare the students for service and leadership in Engineering, Technology and industrial fields.

Specifically, the school aims to;

  • Provide technological advancement necessary to the development of critical thinking and analysis.
  • Support innovative ability and encourage them to be creative in their area of specialization. 
  • Develop and implement Quality Management System for the Maritime Education and Engineering Programs.
  • Develop competencies in their discipline through:
    1. Adequate academic preparation that includes a broad knowledge of concepts and principles of each discipline.
    2. Linkage and tie-up with industry for the DUAL Training System.
    3. MOA with manning/shipping industry for the  apprenticeship program.

   Update and maintain  the competencies of faculty members with current upheaval of technology.