The college library hopes to become truly the “star of the learning institution ’’ as it provides light to the individual in acquiring knowledge for it is the integral part of the vital learning resources of the institution. Its emphasis should be in qualitative growth of the library, as a vital and indispensable a reservoir of knowledge in the pursuit of a quality higher education for NIPSC.



Its primary function, reflected in its collection, is to serve the teaching program. Its purposes are primarily educational, recreational and research reading.


 Goals and Objectives

1. To aid the institutional in carrying out its learning programs.

2. To promote leadership and consistence in the development of the institutional systems which will be affective and efficient in accomplishing the institutional objectives.

3. To provide and organize the reading accessible collection of materials and supportive equipment to meet the instructional needs of students, faculty and staff.

4. To provide staff which is qualified, concerned, and involved in serving the needs of students, faculty and community by providing facilities and resources them.

5. To strengthen research activities and sustain high academic standard in order to produce quality and intellectually endowed students who are well equipped with knowledge and highly qualified to serve in their respective communities.